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Transportation is a dynamic and critical sector of economy, with diverse infrastructure, services and challenges unlike any faced by other areas.

In response, transportation agencies, organizations and companies are finding more and more reliance on electronic security, management and monitor systems are becoming necessary. Airports and airlines, ports and shipping companies, transportation centers and logistics firms, highways and roads departments, and related agencies of all sizes face an increasing need for crime deterrence, automated detection, access control, video analytics, customer service, and other applications as components of a comprehensive solution.

Key is often the reliability of physical security systems, requiring maximum system uptime, unattended operation and instant availability when needed.

Yet transportation centers and organizations are often forced to live with existing infrastructure while waiting to add the additional, newer technologies that they need to meet these challenges. As a result, a growing number of airports and other transportation agencies have chosen to deploy IntransaBrand™ product solutions as the foundation for their surveillance, access control, video analytics & other physical security systems, able to support new all-IP solutions, or integrate to leverage existing analog infrastructure.

IntransaBrand™ VideoAppliance™ all-in-one server/storage platforms are ideal for new, all-IP surveillance system needs with advanced, reliable and affordable configurations.

And for the largest and most demanding projects, such as for ports, airports, and other large facilities, IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseServer™ and EnterpriseStorage™ platforms are proven to be more than up to the task.

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Today's video and data must be retained for increasing numbers of days, weeks, and months of retention, as well as for further processing for many transportation needs. As a result, we are seeing more IntransaBrand™ platforms chosen with a wide range of video management, access control, and video analytics system software.

Customers deploying IntransaBrand™ products in the transportation sector include a number of commercial airports, general aviation airports, harbors and sea ports, public transit authorities, railroads, toll ways, shipping companies, airlines, and related services.

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