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Retail & Banking is often a dynamic and challenging marketplace. In challenging economic times, implementing a physical security system, such as retail surveillance or video analytics, can prove to be a major competitive advantage.

Physical Security Needs for Today's Retail Environment

Providing protection against stock shrinkage and slip-and-falls, plus providing deterrence and addressing newer threats like swarming, the impact of legislation on business practices are getting the attention of retailers, restaurants, and banks. Plus the obvious concerns of ATM surveillance and protecting against armed robbery never go away.

Unfortunately, deploying a viable solution to meet today's retail surveillance or analytics needs has often been a real challenge. Many restaurants, banks, and retailers lack the skills and resources to manage their existing or planned surveillance systems to deliver their maximum benefit, leading to disappointing results.

Retail and banking customers are discovering IntransaBrand™ products as the platform of choice for their projects, whether for a single retail location, ATM, or bank branch, for a shopping center or big box store, or for an entire nationwide chain of retail outlets or bank branches. For new deployments, our installer-ready appliances are set up in just a few minutes, and can operate unattended while providing automated alerting for any system problems. They leverage the industry's best video management systems (VMS), access control, or video analytics with the customer's choice preloaded for simplified installation.

New deployments typically go full IP, and gain the most benefits and savings for a wide range of retail and banking environments. But even existing CCTV retail and banking deployments can benefit from an IntransaBrand™ product deployment. New megapixel cameras can be deployed for problem areas such as over cash registers and ATMs, while recording to the same device to improve the video retention of existing DVRs, analog cameras and cabling for other areas of the bank, store, or restaurant. Better still, these new benefits can usually be enjoyed without operator retraining or total system overhaul.

Learn About Other Retail & Banking Customers

Customers deploying IntransaBrand™ products include those in banking & financial services, restaurants, food stores, fashion clothing, leisure products, franchise operations, auto sales, entertainment venues, restaurants, automotive products and services, consumer electronics, and individual retailers.

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