Municipalities, county governments, and state agencies all face growing challenges in a post 9-11 world. Leveraging physical security technologies efficiently and cost effectively has become the order of the day, to better protect people, infrastructure, information and resources.

In recent years, the world wide challenges faced by government agencies have escalated dramatically. And nowhere is that pressure more evident than on municipal, county and state governments in a time of economic challenge.

Goverment Solutions

IntransaBrand™ products have been a key part of solutions chosen by city, county, state, and federal agencies and departments to get the job done, across North American and around the world.

Whether for Safe & Secure City initiatives, to protect physical plant and infrastructure, or to protect and monitor people, traffic, buildings, and the like, video surveillance, access control and video analytics software, certified and deployed on IntransaBrand™ products is often the right choice today.

With IntransaBrand™ VideoAppliance™ all-in-one server and storage platforms, the industry's widest range of certified application software can be deployed easily and affordably, without complexity or integration costs.

For the largest and most challenging infrastructure protection or campus deployments, IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseServer™ and EnterpriseStorage™ platforms are more than up to the task.

Individual facilities, or entire metropolitan areas, can leverage the power of simple, affordable and expandable IntransaBrand™ platforms for video surveillance, video analytics, access control, and other demanding physical security needs.

Learn About Other Government Customers

Customers include a rapidly growing diverse portfolio of municipal facilities, public safety, educational facilities, medical centers and hospitals, housing authorities, public utilities, museums and parks, research facilities, transportation centers, and other public holdings as well as the military and federal agencies.

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